wue makin gila aja gag ne dunia, gag cuman orang men yang gila, tapi sapi juga bisa gila. Bener-bener nich dunia udah tua.wkwkwk apa hubungannya yak. OK dech mari kita bahas penyakit sapi gila.

Penyakit sapi gila (Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy/BSE) adalah penyakit yang disebabkan oleh bahan infeksius yang baru dikenal dan disebut prion (kaya nama orang yak). BSE menyerang (perang nich pake serang-serangan) sapi dan tanda-tanda BSE itulah yang baru-baru ini ditemukan pada seekor sapi di Washington, Amerika Serikat sehingga menyebabkan kepanikan di seluruh dunia. Bayangpun bro, sebegitu mengerikannya penyakit sapi ini. Secara banyak orang yang suka ma yang namanya sapi eh daging sapi.

Ini terjadi karena Amerika Serikat merupakan produsen daging sapi terbesar beserta turunannya. Sehingga dapat dimungkinkan tercipta gen penyakit sapi gila.



5 Step Success Goat Farming

1. Choose and Use a Good Breeding Goat:
a. Seeds female:
– Age 8-12 months
– Healthy, not disabled
– Ability to adapt to the conditions of the available feed
– If possible, a descendant of and able to give birth two twin tail -3
in each birth
– Able to give birth three times in two years or seven months
b. Seeds males:
– Age 8-12 months
– Healthy, not disabled
– Strong and bent legs
– The average body length and dorsal
– Her chest width and in
– Muscle strength and solid body
2. Give Good Food
Goat feed consists of two types of forage as the main feed and amplifier
(Concentrate) as a feed supplement. Needs of the forage feed as many as 5-8 kg per cow
per day given two times a day, while the concentrate is given 0.5 kg per head per day
given 1-2 hours before the forage provided.
Water were given ad libitum (delivery is not restricted). Kitchen salt or
mollases dikandang blocks should be provided.
Type of forage:
a. Grasses: Elephant Grass, Grass King, Grass Bengal, setaria grass etc.
b. Nuts: Gamal, Kaliandra, turi, sentrosema, stylosantes, lamtoro, siratro, leaves
peanut, soybean, etc.
c. Foliage: The leaves of jackfruit, mangkokan, avocados, etc.
d. Agricultural waste: Waste vegetables, cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, banana leaves, etc.

Avoid giving young forage, if forced to use should be aerated for at least 12 hours to avoid the occurrence of bloat (bloating) in goat.

Amplifier Type:
-. Agriculture and agro-industry waste: rice bran, rice bran, coconut cake, tofu, skin
cocoa etc.
3. Make a cage that meets the requirements
Terms of the cage a good example:
– Separate minimum is 5-7 meters away from home ‘residential buildings
– Model stage
– The flow of air / good air circulation
– Dry and moist
– Easy handling of feces and urine in
Size of cage:
– Goat adult male: 1.2 x 1.5 m2 per cow
– Goat adult females: 1.2 x 1.2 m2 per cow
– Goat wench: 1 x 1.2 m2 per cow
– Children: 1 x 1.2 m2 per cow
4. Keep well Goat Health
The principle of prevention is better than cure should be the handle of a farmer.
Several types of diseases that often attack the goat, among others: worms, scabies
(Scabies), orf, eye pain, distention (bloat) and tympani.
Prevention efforts:
1. Clean the cage and the environment on a regular basis. To clean the cage can
done every day so that the cage and the animal was not dirty and smelly.
2. Correctly handle goat dung and urine that is, to avoid spread everywhere
Where and wet.
3. Perform regular worm treatment every 3 -4 months.
4. Do vaccinations orf
5. Do it correctly, forage feeding, avoid the risk of bloating
6. Separate the sick goat with a sound that is not contagious.
1. Give medication as directed health of livestock.
2. Give special attention to cattle recovered quickly

5. Handle and Manage Animal Reproduction Right
Some aspects of reproduction that must be considered, among others, sexual maturity, years
estrus, when mating, gestation and birth handling.
Adult sex is ready to implement a state where cattle reproduction.
Goats reach the age dwsa sex at the age of 6-8 months.
The characteristics of estrus:
– Livestock restless, trying to climb the other comrades
– Bengkah genitals, redness and a little wet (3 A = Abuh, Abang and Anget)
– Shut up if you climb
Estrus will happen again 19-21 days later if not married or pregnant failed.
Wed livestock:
A good time to marry the goat is 12-18 hours after signs of estrus
appear / appeared. To avoid failure of the marriage, mix it with estrus females
males in one cage.
Avoid the occurrence of incest / no same lineage between the goat
with females or males who are still close relationship kekerabatannya (child with father,
children with a parent, between siblings).


Pregnancy signs include:
– No visible signs of estrus at the next estrus cycle
– Stomach right side looks bigger
– Udder appeared decreased
– Livestock looked calm
A pregnant cattle Handle correctly with its own separate order dikandang
not be disturbed by other animals. Give the feed a good two months before giving birth
until three months after delivery consisting of:
– Grass
– Forage legumes
– Food amplifier (bran, etc.)
Livestock Childbirth:
Parent signs will bear:
– Hip loosens
– Looks great udder and teats filled
– Genitalia (vulva) kemeraha swollen rosy and moist
– Anxious, scratching the ground / floor of the cage and often bleating
– Decreased appetite
Preparation for birth care:
– Clean the cage
– Provide clean, dry pad to absorb the liquid that comes out during the process
birth (straw, gunny sacks)
– Provide jodium tinctur when applied to the former cut the umbilical cord
Birth Process:
– Sacks rupture
– A few moments later the child began to trickle out
– Once the child is born the umbilical cord cut and dab on the former jodium tinctures
– Let the mother licking the newborn child, if the parent does not want to lick clean
attached to the liquid using a clean cloth and dry
– Clean the nostrils and the mouth of the newborn young goat for easy breathing.
The New Born Child Care:
– Once the child is born it will be soon feeding on its mother. Children should be assisted
to be able to suckle its mother immediately.
– Children who are not breast-feed immediately within 12 hours after birth should be given
colostrum milk substitutes.
Artificial colostrum milk production:
– Combine the 0.25 to 0.5 liters of cow milk / milk powder with 1 teaspoon of fish oil, a grain
chicken eggs and half a tablespoon of sugar. Give in a way given oral 3-4 times


Sapi Berkepala Manusia Ini Hanya Mau Makanan Manusia

SAMPANG, — Ajaib dan misterius. Seekor anak sapi di Sampang, Madura, terlahir dengan kondisi kepalanya mirip kepala manusia.

Menurut Narto, petani pemilik sapi warga Desa Sumber, Kecamatan Tambelangan, di Sampang, Kamis (18/2/2010), anak sapi berkelamin jantan ini berkepala bundar, berdahi, lengkap dengan pusar kepala dan bulu di sekitar kepala berwarna hitam, layaknya rambut kepala manusia.


sapi potong

Dapatkan sapi berkualitas dari kami, sehat gemuk dan bergizi. Sapi-sapi di peternakan kami dirawat dengan perawatan terbaik sehingga menghasilkan sapi dengan kualitas nomor 1.

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